ID: 9167
Updated by: chagenbu
Status: Open
Bug Type: IMAP related
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I remember this problem being solved by putting a valid entry for localhost into 
/etc/hosts on the machine in question. Do you have an entry, and if not, does adding 
one fix the problem?

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[2001-02-07 17:18:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This works:
$mbox = imap_open ("{}", "$login", "$passwd",
$status =

and this dos'nt:
$mbox = imap_open ("{localhost:143}", "$login", "$passwd",
OP_HALFOPEN); $status =

The problem is that imap_status will only accept the machine
name, even if I use that points to the same
ip as it won't work.

I found another description of the problem here:

Troels Liebe Bentsen


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