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user feedback:
getline in C++ does not limit the delim character with just a newline.  if I wanted, I 
could do a getline on a string stream where the line ends with "|".  example:

strstream sin;
sin.getline( szBuffer, nLength, '|' );

I would think this would be highly useful.  It is just a suggested feature to add.
Also, with getline, it does not return the delim "|" character in the szBuffer.

ok, re-opened

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-08 10:02:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
please, read the manual: fgets does what you want.


[2001-02-08 09:47:41] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Add a getline feature to the file and string routines.  is it possible to incorporate 
the iostream style stdin/stdout in php? 

this is the getline i wrote:

function getline( $fp, $delim )
    $result = "";
    while( !feof( $fp ) )
        $tmp = fgetc( $fp );
        if( $tmp == $delim )
            return $result;
       $result .= $tmp;
    return $result;


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