From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Linux
PHP version:      4.0.2
PHP Bug Type:     Feature/Change Request
Bug description:  Default class function arguments

I'm requesting that the default function arguments for a class method be able to 
reference the class variable members in it's definition. 

Here is an example of it's use:

class searchclass {

        var $hits;
        var $results;

        function save($filename, $start = 0, $end = $this->hits){ /* <- this returns 
Parse error: */
                if($fp = @fopen($filename, "w")){
                        for($i = $start; $i < $end; $i++){
                                fwrite($fp, implode("|", $this->results[$i]));
                        return false;

        function search(){
                /* ... */


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