PHP 3.0 Bug Database summary -

 Num Status     Summary (684 total including feature requests)
===============================================[*General Issues]==============
4180 Open       is_link returns false when target doesnt exist (should return true)
8083 Open       3.0.17 causes segm. faults with --enable-versioning
===============================================[*Install and Config]==========
7386 Feedback   referenced symbol not found when starting Apache
===============================================[Compile Failure]==============
1145 Open       Ypu cannot compile with --with-ldap using the Solaris7 bundled 
1298 Open       need to use -taso with Netscape LDAP libs
1461 Open       won't compile with Stronghold 2.2 or 2.3
1933 Open       Unable to compile PHP3 with Oracle8 support
1997 Open       Compilation Problems
2225 Open       Compile error in ldap.c
2282 Open       Compile failure with Stronghold 2.4.1
2490 Open       Perl regular expression functions not available in windows binary
2585 Open       Error linking Oracle 7.3.2 libraries on SCO OpenServer 5.0.4
2629 Feedback   ldap.c fails to compile with PHP3.0.12 and PHP4b2
2658 Open       error while compiling PHP as apache module
2729 Open       Fatal error: Unable to open ???  in - on line 0
2751 Open       Storage size of "buf isn't known
2771 Open       bison.exe and the -S option not supported
2823 Open       undefined symbol: SQLParamData
2824 Open       Inconsistent parameter list declaration for...
2903 Open       fails to compile, report a syntax-error
2941 Suspended  compile fails with imap and sybase-ct (other function than reported 
3033 Open       Fatal compile error on functions/ldap.c
3140 Feedback   Compile-Problems with snmp and pdflib
3185 Open       Undefined symbol
3217 Open       ld error when compiling as Apache DSO and --with-mysql
3218 Open       Can't compile php_ftp.dll
3426 Open       make with iodbc failed and I've found the problem
3501 Open       Compiling errors with Oracle-Funktions
3528 Open       Can't compile php 3.0.14 with Oracle support
3611 Open       switch() limitation and gcc invoked instead of cc
3677 Open       files not found
3717 Feedback   multiple definition of  gdImageColorResolve
3766 Open       configure doesn't allow for the Oracle N32 client SDK to be used
3776 Open       functions/db.c:107: parse error before '*'
4028 Open       wrong directories included for oracle 8.1.6
4217 Open       IBM DB2 will not compile.
4233 Open       The Interbase module won't compile.
4266 Open       Undeclared variables in function/imap.c starting ar line 435
4392 Open       Compile failure with GD 1.7, possibly others
4412 Open       xml failure
4417 Open       Informix specific parse error in functions/
4544 Open       Incompatiblility with latest (3.0) version of PDFlib
4899 Open       PHP Core Dumps With Apache 1.3.12
7734 Open       missing php3_ifx.h
===============================================[Compile Warning]==============
1638 Open       SPARCworks cc warnings (cosmetic)
2935 Open       adition bug id:2900
3151 Open       php.exe compile warnings because of arpa/inet.h
6602 Open       Failure to warn of duplicate class methods
6942 Open       php sockets unusable with irix-OS
6947 Open       all compiler warnings
===============================================[dBase related]================
3091 Open       dbase_replace_record miscounts number of fields
3429 Open       Warning: Unable to open database...
3447 Open       error on dbase_open function, it isn't open on write only or 
read-write mode.
3777 Open       Dbase_create fails to recognize array of arrays
3824 Open       dbase file cannot open by foxpro2
4802 Open       php.exe crashes while trying to execute the get_record function
===============================================[DBM/DBA related]==============
2890 Open       DBM extension on win32 does not valid database identifier error
3371 Open       dbmfetch reurns an empty string
3423 Open       dbmopen() not thread-safe
3809 Open       DBM extension for Win32 PHP3 is malfunctioning and/or has a flaw
3862 Open       dbmReplace & dbmDelete return inverse value
6720 Open       persistent "Warning: driver initialization failed" on db_open db2 2.7.7
===============================================[Documentation problem]========
2464 Open       install-windows95-nt.html does not agree with inf file
3257 Open       missing file
3279 Open       Reboot
3674 Open       Backreferences need 2 backslashes to work in preg_* functions
4399 Open       With no php3.ini, magic_quotes_gpc is 'Off'.  With one, it's default 
is 'On'.
===============================================[Dynamic loading related]======
1188 Open       Configuration not work
1586 Open       In the compiled Win32 package, the php3_ldap doesn't load.
1993 Open       Startup failure of
2027 Open       Can't dynamicly load any extension dll file
2250 Open       nt-service problem
2414 Open refuses to load
2639 Open       php3.exe need msvcrtd.dll but winnt 4.0 does not has this file
2862 Open       LDAP in Win32 Bin dist is linked to MSVCRTD.DLL
3168 Open       cannot start apache 1.3.9 if mysql is compiled in, but can RESTART 
3292 Open       MySQL module causes DSO to fail.
3321 Open       Apache Complaining about undefined symbol: dlst_first
3659 Open       mod_php + apache w/mod_so hangs in sched_yield
3680 Open       Apache won't start after install php3
3752 Open       Apache configtest dumps core with DSO & versioning
3781 Open       Cannot load /libexec/
3861 Open       php as a dyn. mod. & configured with IBM db2 support prevents svr 
4032 Open       Major security issue PHP+Apache
4283 Open       include_path error with PHP4 RC1 Roxen module
===============================================[Feature/Change Request]=======
 113 Open       Enable URL Includes in .conf/.ini file
 175 Open       ~user where file not in home
 253 Open       Feep request: Per-server logging directives.
 495 Open       GPC order on per-file basis
 586 Open       configure does not support apache shadow tree
 727 Assigned   Unified ODBC error reporting
 729 Open       mysql_connect reuses connection ids
 731 Open       HTTP proxy for fopen-wrapper
 745 Analyzed   <input type=image> and array variables
 818 Analyzed   pg_Connect() doesn't return unique connection
 822 Open       request on array_walk
 855 Open       
 979 Open       Openmarket Transact
 989 Open       Incomplete date type reporting
 997 Open       can't use name in script tag
1027 Open       fprintf() please
1029 Open       printf (& sprintf) dosn't handle exponential format for floats 
1179 Open       PAM support
1187 Open       ODBC odbc_lastserror() function
1189 Open       SetCookie and Header error reporting improvement
1198 Open       wanted: generic qeury object
1223 Open       new sybase function/option
1249 Open       url_parse() is a bit too strict
1256 Open       A suggestion re downloads
1303 Open       PHP & Netscape Enterprise Server & Oracle
1387 Open       
1432 Open       fgets() fails on certain sockets
1441 Open       PHP doesn't handle persistent connections that has been killed properly
1491 Open       Create Netscape plugin for offline development
1504 Open       New function to set the http status
1515 Open       php as a scripting language
1531 Open       require() causes flex scanner error
1546 Open       Unable to pass path info while using php in cgi mode.
1552 Open       show_source is extremely ugly and inefficient.
1571 Open       support for mknod(): pipe creation
1658 Open       Enhance Sybase-ct to fetch limited rows
1659 Open       add date/time stamp to php3 error logfile
1713 Open       copy() function allows copy files from anywhere in filesystem
1737 Open       I do not see any way to get a direcory list from a ftp server.
1757 Open       Make DBM independant API
1830 Open       Unpack() gives fatal error if not enough data.
2032 Open       Please add bzip2 support
2107 Open       Exec as TTY
2155 Open       amusing interaction between date() and filemtime(), when filemtime() 
is false
2181 Open       imap_fetchstructure() don't set body->type when message is TYPETEXT
2183 Open
2285 Open       default arguments skipping
2328 Open       I would like animated gif support within php.
2341 Open       expression evaluation - improvement
2342 Open       Missing ssl CLIENT functions
2352 Open       Create subgroup of database functions
2483 Open       set_file_buffer return value
2541 Open       dl(string name) should not require the file extension for the module 
2599 Open       class variables
2604 Open       missing sybase_error(), sybase_errno()
2616 Open       ActiveX automation support needed
2807 Open       LOB descriptors with Fetch/Result and FetchInto
2931 Open       A request to add greater CSV file support
2957 Open       installation still too complex
3014 Open       octal character versus regex backreferences
3066 Open       
3101 Open       safe mode also with GID
3274 Open       SSL connections support
3275 Open       ICQ support
3276 Open       Add PGP support
3284 Open       Add syntax extension to allow "htmlspecialchars($foo)" inside quoted 
3285 Open       Cannot feed command stdin and get output, etc.
3293 Open       You can't put multiple prepend/append files
3362 Open       php_auth_user not passed back to apache
3367 Open       PHP code callback during file upload
3427 Open       Too many \n in show_source
3457 Open       Function requests
3483 Analyzed   phpinfo, info missing
3514 Analyzed   Private and Protected data in classes
3526 Open       Date for PHP3 error logfile
3551 Open       base_convert()
3733 Open       Linking error when including DBase support
3778 Open       SSL Support feature missing
3783 Analyzed   versioning + mysql impossible !
3819 Open       number_format should allow choice to not default to comma sep for 
thousands sep
3859 Open       Null values in ODBC Databases
3928 Open       shorthand notation for filling associative arrays, please
3942 Open       New switch - "XML well-formedness" (comply to XHTML/1.0 spec).
4176 Feedback   IMAP can't open an POP3 mailbox over a proxy
4335 Open       Missing variable in $HTTP_POST_VARS when uploading a file through a 
4426 Open       php when run w/ binfmt_misc does not work w/ apache
5026 Open       ftp_size and transfer mode
5975 Open       enhancement of strip_tags needed
===============================================[IMAP related]=================
2816 Open       Imap_open error when user_id length=3 char
2847 Open       imap_search - dates don't work
3040 Duplicate  imap_open
3236 Open       Email message bodies show as mime type application/octet-stream/plain
3290 Feedback   seg.fault with Oracle InterOffice with IMAP4r1 (
3333 Feedback   PHP crashes wen I open an empty mailbox
3843 Open       seg fault when recieving headers
4298 Feedback   IMAP_CLOSE doesn't do anything.
6882 Open       imap_fetch_overview does no return anything even thought there is mail
===============================================[Installation problem]=========
1388 Open       IMAP and SNMP problem
1669 Open       using path info data in an URL chokes PHP on WinNT/Apache
2058 Open       build php3.0.12 with oracle8.0.5
2099 Open       PHP Returns ntbwdlib.dll not found
2403 Open       PHP causes an exception error in Kernel32.dll
2440 Open       configure fails when Oracle 7.3 added
2513 Open       does it support IIS2?
2600 Open       CGI misbehaving error
2649 Open       PHP for NS
2650 Open       PHP uses wrong .INI-file directory
2677 Open       unable to parse configuration file whenever php.exe is run
2900 Open       no answer from httpd (with mod_php)
3207 Feedback   php3 not workin
3214 Open       Adabase and Sybase won't compile together
3283 Open       php module in apache
3328 Open       apache (1.3.11) won't start when I have it use PHP (3.0.14)
3364 Open       .htaccess files failure
3433 Feedback   Using quick method to compile and php doesn't work
3453 Feedback   Error occure while compile
3478 Open       Can't start web server after installation
3486 Open       Missing MSVCRTD.DLL
3582 Open       IIS generates error event 'loading inetmib1.dll failed .' and refuses 
to start
3600 Open       .php3 filetype not recognized
3649 Open       Security
3658 Open       HAVE_MCK wrong
3716 Feedback   hp-ux/Apache/Oracle/PHP Installation Error
3773 Open       ImageTTFText not compiling in
3787 Open       Problem with the build of PHP with apache 1.3.9 or 1.3.12
3815 Open       no input file specified
3849 Open        make apache with phpmodule (incl. informix) fails
3906 Open       Fails finding Library
3950 Open with MySQL doesn't work unless mysql directory specified
3999 Open       When I run PHP Script there is this message in browser : No input file 
4077 Open       --with-gd=...  not functioned
4128 Open       PWS implementation not possible ?
4138 Open       Incorrect parameters set for Windows binary install
4216 Feedback   php-4.0RC1 gmake install error on SCO UW7.01
4227 Open       Error under make
4236 Open       configure doesn't find sendmail unless it is in $PATH
4248 Open       Unable to run ./configure --with-cdb using cdb v0.75
4260 Open       configure script appears to correctly build for --with-ldap or 
4267 Open       Fatal error: Unable to open <<filename>> on line 0 - No specified 
input file
4394 Open       Apache crashes with a segmentation fault.
4398 Open       compilation error with apxs
4488 Open       Sun has changed tr
4500 Open       when i restart apache with PHP3, the httpd daemon crash!
4693 Open       error d_tag in time start apache with php3
4905 Open       libsecurity missing
4906 Open       LDAP libs directory needs to be specified before the libs
6813 Open       Apache Web Server Not Started
7979 Open       It is not possible to start httpd with php support
8818 Open       Can't start apache with php3 but *can* restart!
===============================================[LDAP related]=================
2697 Open       Compilation errors
3174 Open       compile failes wen adding ldap functionality with dir
3613 Feedback   ldap_mod_replace does not handle binary values properly
3788 Open       Call to unsupported or undefined function ldap_connect()
4378 Open       ldap_seach function does not give you an option to use either LDAP V2 
or V3
===============================================[Misbehaving function]=========
1078 Assigned   pg_loclose never finds pgsql->lofd
1289 Open       system, exec, and passtru always returns -1
1295 Duplicate  accessing an empty mailbox on an IMAP 4.5 server has fatal consequences
1322 Open       No Return Value from snmpget
1430 Open       Regular expression with international locale.
1553 Analyzed   TCP Debugger Only Works Once
1623 Open       Inconsistent/incorrect PATH_TRANSLATED
1693 Analyzed   unserialize returns false
1889 Analyzed   parse_url doesn't work -- returns empty UrlElements
1894 Open       gethostbyname returns ""
1897 Analyzed   quoted_printable_decode doesn't work properly.
1972 Open       while kills while loop
2033 Open       serialize() produces: FATAL: emalloc(): Unable to allocate 4160742841l 
2100 Open       Problems with ? : arrays and isset
2249 Open       php.ini / user_dir doesn't work
2260 Analyzed   setlocale() dosn't work
2273 Open       ereg() not finding string when begin and end too far apart
2309 Open       header('Location:...') logged as 200 not 302 for directory indicies 
2386 Open       $PHP_SELF doesn't handle $PATH_INFO correctly
2393 Open       Can't use parse_url for url validation
2462 Open       snmpwalk / snmpwalkoid function failure
2494 Open       response over 511 characters from fopen of a cgi file fails
2522 Open       From some webserver readfile gets only a part of the page.
2529 Open       show_source() displays php-code in one long line
2587 Feedback   maybe.. exec function has some problem
2588 Open       get_meta_tags() dropping chars?
2618 Open       XML error reporting bug
2667 Analyzed   readfile() fails with Invalid URL specified
2673 Open       calendar functions cause php crash when passed a number that is too big
2685 Open       HtmlEntities does handle UTF-8
2760 Open       Failure to read from Windows sockets
2773 Analyzed   overwriting file with ftp problem
2841 Open       snmpset () returns an empty array
2893 Open       Problem with global error_reporting()
2965 Open       The <= operator does not work properly on characters.
3008 Open       implode() garbages when string contains NUL
3053 Open       upload_type is not set
3062 Open       dechex doesn't handle negative numbers
3071 Open       < is desplayed when refresh button is clicked at the bottom of the 
3079 Open       Unset() leaves holes in arrays
3110 Open       quoted_printable_decode _still_ doesn't work properly.
3115 Open       phpinfo() cores with phplib
3176 Open       Using Bit manupulation ( Bitwise AND, OR, XOR, NOT) do not work as 
3187 Open       CPU overload with fopen() and fgets()
3190 Open       Problem with openlog also corrupts PHP syslogging
3205 Open       $PHP_SELF is getting set incorrectly when force-cgi-redirect not set 
in CGI
3289 Open       min() and max() have wierd problems when using a mixed int and string 
3303 Open       fopen("ftp://... to VAX ftp server
3318 Open       MKTIME
3319 Open       php3_auto_prepend directive in .htaccess is remembered
3407 Open       Invalid object identifier
3443 Open       sprintf pads a null-character with a negative float
3458 Open       flush() function does not work
3482 Open       Max Upload Filesize not working.
3515 Open       fread() just read a few bytes
3517 Open       HTTP_COOKIE_VARS, HTTP_POST_VARS, HTTP_GET_VARS open to manipulation
3525 Open       Strange php3_* configuration results while using .htaccess
3559 Open       Serialize does not reset() regular and hash arrays
3590 Open       backtick operations leave zombies
3695 Open       ftp_connect can't connect to some sites
3770 Open       the return value of the function chdir()
3784 Open       Variable mime type missing
3792 Open       &auml; (e.g.) is converted to  when you got it from hidden form field
3810 Open       Highlight_String() error
3841 Open       HTML and PHP tag removal bug
3881 Suspended  Can not create an object specifying another object variable as class 
3893 Open       strtok can't tok \t\t (2 tabs)
3897 Open       Can't register to a session from within an object
3924 Open       BUF in PHP4-ISAPI-Filter
3964 Open       unset element reappearing in 2 dimensions array after u(a)sort.
3985 Open       Imagefontwidth fails on Win32
3995 Open       unset($array[$index]) yields incorrect results
4010 Open       Unable to get recode_string to work
4013 Open       header function not functions after and if statment
4025 Open       unable to use $this when calling array_walk from a class method.
4039 Open       fgetcsv ignores multiple separators
4040 Open       fopen url won't work as expected
4066 Open       setcookie not modifying HTTP Cookie string
4068 Open       htmlentities fails to escape single quote character
4092 Open       wrong informix error message, -100 instead of 100
4095 Open       register_shutdown_function not called on exit
4099 Open       Problems w/ PHPINFO() and LDAP
4135 Open       Non-blocking fgets() on socket not returning.
4137 Open       fsockopen causes the script to stall
4208 Open       memory overrun? - is_dir/chmod
4232 Open       printf %e does not display exponent
4324 Open       call to exit does not flush output buffers
4348 Open       process remembers auto_prepend_file from other virtual host
4436 Open       Include and require problems
4492 Open       is_link fails if the file link points to fails
4506 Open       mail() header-part is limited
4513 Open       get_meta_tags function doesn't read metatags that span more than 1 
4773 Open       Null character after key name in uksort
4828 Open       REMOTE_USER gets lost after submitting a POST form
4916 Open       imagecopyresized not resizing
5118 Open       ImageTTFText renders text mirrored, and X<->Y
5708 Open       fopen claims file does not exist after first couple uses.
5973 Open       phpinfo() doesn't generate HTML 4.0 Transitional compliant HTML code
5984 Open       "define" function seems to ignore the optional third parameter
6066 Open       shuffle() implementation fails
6370 Open       fsockopen() causes mysql_insert_id() to error
8140 Open       persistent sockets do not work
8558 Open       /e modifier in preg_replace
8660 Open       multi fileupload - wrong index
9118 Open       3.0.18 bug -  if ("INF" == "INF") {} does not equal true
===============================================[mSQL related]=================
1701 Feedback   PHP not closing invalid persistent connections
===============================================[MSSQL related]================
2162 Open       Cannot get accents form MSSQL7.0 TEXT
4590 Open       field length truncation
5829 Open       Problem with reading a _varchar_ datafield
7043 Open       mssql_result truncates fields that are greater than 251 chars
===============================================[MySQL related]================
1302 Open       mysql_fetch_row() returns false for row of NULLs
1967 Open       MySQL module does not responding / loading (?)
2233 Open       mysql settings in php ini don't work
2346 Open       Using MOD bandwidth sql errors in DML parts
3098 Open       php doesn't load the php3_mysql.dll file; MySQL support not compiled 
in php win
3146 Open       PHP does not load php_mysql*.dll
3316 Open       problem with select into outfile from php3
3359 Open       $zzz=mysql_list_dbs();
3555 Open       mysql backend errors are still visible
3852 Open       mysql_pconnect sometimes works when it isn't supposed to.
4129 Open       no result if the first entry of the result is null
4132 Open       mysql_field_type - wrong type returned
4291 Open       Unable to load dynamic library 'c:\PHP3/php3_mysql.dll'
4549 Open       MySQL pconnect
4662 Open       open64 undefined symbol when loading in apache
5513 Open       core dump in apache startup initializing php3.0.16/mysql3.22.32-1
7041 Open       mysql_pconnect is making new connection ?
7662 Open       mysql_connect() failure
===============================================[ODBC related]=================
1694 Assigned   Sql statement contained "distinct" or "group by" not work for 
2117 Assigned   odbc_exec and odbc_execute err out
2302 Assigned   odbc_execute does not seem to call SQLBindParameter
2642 Assigned   OpenLink odbc_exec() segfaults
2704 Assigned   ODBC insert error
2938 Assigned   Intermittent Memo fields with Acces 97
3435 Open       SQL Queries error
3723 Open       Cross-nested connect/close fails
3750 Open       ODBC Error Connecting to another NT Server
3754 Open       No output appears in the Browser (Netscape 4.7 or IE 4) for odbc_result
3764 Open       error in my odbc local conexion
3828 Open       IIS Crashes
3989 Open       some joins fail to work properly
4113 Open       Undefined function odbc_connect()
4406 Open       ODBC updates to dBase4 files aren't reflected in index file so changes 
are gone
5009 Open       odbc fields are not updated correctly
5680 Open       problems with SQL instruction "group by" in PHP+iODBC (Openlink)
5736 Open       error when i connect to foxpro database
===============================================[Oracle related]===============
1595 Open       Apache process runs out of control - Bug 693 not fixed
1730 Open       OCIand ora_ logon are broken
1879 Open       Document contains no data when doing Fetch /
1930 Open does not return Errno and Error from query method
1934 Open       Non implementation some function
2132 Open       See below (ORA 3106 fatal two-task communication protocol error)
2388 Open       PrPHP crashes Apache halfway through processing a page.
2487 Open       Oracle Connect Error
2527 Open       Connect to Oracle produces SIGTRAP
2543 Open       I can't turn off AUTOCOMMIT
2567 Open       I cant build php3.0.12 with oracle 8.0.5 support. help me!!!
2668 Open       Cyrillic chars = '???????'
2688 Open       OCIFetchInto only returns OCI_NUM when called from inside a function.
2842 Open       Can't build PHP withe Oracle
3057 Open       displaying Japanese chars sets
3122 Open       Segmentation fault
3131 Open       Errors while connecting Oracle database
3258 Open       Various severe errors accessing Oracle RDBMS
3322 Open       Apache fails to start up with libphp3 (compiled with Oracle support)
3358 Open       Warning response when trying to set Oracle NLS_LANG env. parameter
3552 Open       Ora_Error causes fake "not connected to Oracle" error to remote 
3587 Open       BLOB savefile method problem with binary files
3696 Open       use chinese show ??
3701 Open       Persistence connection does't work
3821 Open       Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function ora_logon() in 
3825 Open       cannot logon
3854 Open       use chinese oracle show ??
3888 Open       oracle 8i zombie after script completed !
3892 Open       Ora_parse gives errors
4094 Open       complete httpd startup failure with oci8 and virtual hosts
4170 Open       ocilogon fails intermittenly
4211 Open       Apahce fails to load
4784 Open       ocilogoff fails when using clobs and mod_perl
6749 Open       Problems with conection database
6916 Duplicate  blob->savefromfile doesn't work for binary files
7590 Feedback   Very Slow Loading compared to mySql; php-oracle rpm needed
7604 Open       Malfunction of REGEX Functions
1252 Open       Incorrect datetime representation in php3_mssql
1334 Open       nested objects having a "new xmlparser" in the constructor does not 
1343 Analyzed   ldap support: ldap_unbind_s unknown symbol
1346 Open       ifx_fetch_row problem
1457 Open       Startup problem with Netscape LDAP SDK 3.0/3.1
1563 Analyzed   PHP was not active with Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6
1660 Open       Seems getmxrr and checkdnsrr not working on WinNT.
1687 Assigned   HTTP Upload with IE3
1740 Feedback   Doesn't always print proper content headers
1884 Open       .htaccess error / pcfg_openfile problem
1919 Open       Can not run on apache win 32 ver 1.3.6
1927 Open       Apache  Zombies on Restart
1964 Open       Every time I load document, I get a message "document contains no data"
2056 Open       how to browse the "ks_c_5601" and  "iso-8859-1" code ??
2087 Open       decoding problem
2134 Open       get_meta_tags() problem
2172 Open       Cannot get to work PHP with Enterprise Server 3.5.1
2187 Open       Apache don't started
2252 Open       Netscape doesn' t open
2310 Open       Constructor not being called
2327 Open       Can't open internet site
2330 Open       Vanishing strings....
2337 Open       Referencing an array's element returns only 8k data
2354 Open       Fatal Error running script through PWS
2427 Open       Problem with uploading a file on ther Server through a browser
2472 Open       poison null byte
2516 Open       reproduce 1573 bug, open_base_dir problem in start/restart apache
2526 Open       Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function crypt()
2678 Open       Problem with include_path
2695 Open       Results set of dates or numbers have garbage after string
2696 Open       Accessing php files from a Mac
2718 Open       TTF charset Big-5 cna't use
2719 Open       Syslog functions permanently change tident and facility
2796 Open       incorrect crypt() result when, length of salt < PHP3_MAX_SALT_LEN
2829 Feedback   writing in a file with fwrite()
2971 Open       Misbehaved instance variables in classes
3002 Open       crypt unrecognized
3096 Open       php3_* directives won't work anywhere in .htaccess or httpd.conf
3137 Open       mail() function that do not accept "-"
3154 Open       File Upload
3163 Open       form variables missing in default document with PWS
3172 Feedback   fopen returns unknown error
3212 Open       getdate() returns incorrect time
3215 Open       When running 'make check' after building a cgi, regex fail with core 
3232 Open       Php does not run via long httpd.conf file..
3253 Analyzed   Can not open any sockets
3263 Open       Bad things with NULs in arrays
3266 Open       Cannot upload file in php4.03b
3270 Open       open_base_dir doesn't work for link()
3288 Open       PHP 3.014 looses uploaded files.
3339 Open       How i can load an C Shared Object with PHP, i need to connect with 
3343 Open       Files on Win 98 Apache
3370 Open       open_basedir does not work as expected
3440 Open       chinese character "͑ӢQ" translate error code !!
3452 Open       file upload feature broken under Windows web browsers
3454 Open       Allows access to any directory on server
3538 Open       ftp_login() returns bad status on welcome messages
3572 Open       snmpwalk returns string up to but not including requested data
3622 Open       [solved] HTTP_GET/POST vars are not set.
3643 Open       Error when loading a PHP scripted page
3662 Open       "document contains no data"
3746 Open       php3.ini line error_reporting not always read.
3768 Open       ImageCreateFromPng fails if http call is used
3814 Open       An process accepted in php 3.1.5 and not accepted in latest beta ver 4
3816 Open       HTTP authentication
3863 Open       The Rename function don't work
3883 Open       Parsing of GET/POST-data in UTF-7 encoding
3886 Open       Problem retrieving cookies
3895 Open       fopen / multiple files
3953 Open       checkdnsrr doesn't work on NT systems
4054 Open       Strange behavior of class variables
4056 Open       GD 1.8.1 not detected by configure
4059 Open       REQUEST_METHOD for POST and GET
4112 Open       Command line argument processing broken
4115 Open       fsockopen causes script to exit
4121 Open       Apache .conf directive problem
4149 Open       header function doesn't work when set charset in php3.ini
4159 Open       Wrong count array after unset()
4161 Open       PUTENV() don't work, the variable "created" never appears
4272 Open       segmentation fault in ibase_fetch_row
4287 Open       using php3_* directives in .htaccess causes strange Values
4302 Open       show_source displays in one long line  (cfr. 2529)
4309 Open       error in handling garbage value..
4431 Open       Internal Server Error - Premature end of script headers
4449 Open       Mod computation error!
4468 Open       random ifx_pconnect code -439 with ifx_connect
4682 Open       Apache 1.3 does not invoke the per dir config
4881 Open       globals get forgotten in long scripts
5023 Open       tmpfile() function broken on Win32
5138 Open       XML module fails to interpret <ANCHOR> tags correctly
5196 Open       error 400
5393 Open       Potential bug in php3_request_shutdown()
5623 Open       Apache segfaults on startup when GD is used
5920 Open       strange use of open_basedir string
6114 Open       microtime function error
6291 Open       phpinfo returns bad html
7098 Open       Unwanted characters in result
7410 Open       xml_parse has a limit of 16 attribs on WinNT
7859 Open       stringprocessing works different than 3.0.15
8829 Open       bug on fopen("ftp://...
9091 Open       the Contructor of a class is called after! the end of a script
9125 Open       image file corrupted when upload
===============================================[Parser error]=================
1712 Feedback   asp style tags not recogized by parser
2131 Open       debugger_on(host) not supported
2136 Open       require/include parsing error
2363 Open       MIME-Parser even more broken. :)
2417 Open       When some client POST a request with "short" boundary -- php return 
2672 Open       compiled for cgi method, all .php3 files say "no input file specified."
2730 Analyzed   for loop ignores fractions
2802 Open       com_propget does not support passing arguments
2912 Open        evaluates as part of a variable name, e.g. $tablename  is parsed as 
2996 Open       mime.c not parsing MIME headers properly
3107 Open       No input file specified.
3203 Open       not detected parser error: hangs the httpd which is answering
3489 Open       Fatal error: Failed opening required file in PHP script
3506 Open       PHP returns fatal error instead of 404
3531 Feedback   Getting the parse error for <html> tag.
3564 Open       escaping chars in ereg
3692 Open       Randomly undefined user functions
3795 Open       exec() doesnt work
3916 Duplicate  Opening file with fopen($url,"w") fails if file exists
3935 Open       Aren't getting all data from a form into the variables
3937 Open       with xml: can't read variable value inside if
4209 Open       Bug in loading of HTTP_POST_VARS
4496 Analyzed   float isn't passed correctly to php function
===============================================[Performance problem]==========
1781 Open       PHP hangs and causes 100% CPU usage for over 5 mins.
3235 Open       wasting many time in indexing operations in large loop
3300 Open       Disables hostname lookup in apache
3492 Open       fatal error in dos prmt. showing unable to start browscap module
3553 Open       Strange authentication warning
3869 Open       Keep-alive connections hang
7523 Open       Memory Leakage
===============================================[PostgreSQL related]===========
1477 Open       "Dcoument contains no data" returns when using database access
1870 Open       New feature: support for pgsql listen/notify mechanism
1943 Open       pg_Num_Rows returns 1 when there is no result
2679 Open       Apache segfaults a LOT!
2955 Open       Persistant Connection Gone Bad
3410 Open       pg_fieldsize return error for character
3499 Open       pgsql path to include,
3550 Open       Unable to supress warning message.
3624 Open       Run out of connections to Posgres database
4087 Open       Pg_NumRows() 1 when no data is stored.
4193 Open       problems with pg_exec
4655 Open       pg_close causes segfault when using DSO
6169 Duplicate  Can't display data from specified row
6170 Duplicate  my next button link is not working, to link the next page
6171 Duplicate  my next button link is not working, to link the next page
===============================================[Reproduceable crash]==========
 719 Suspended  error_log crashes when multiple scripts write to the same file at the 
same time
1157 Open       Output in shutdown function dumps core.
1177 Open       pg_fetch_array($res,0) crashing Apache when query empty
1178 Open       Segmentation Fault with mysql
1350 Open       Informix SQLLVARCHAR Crashes Netscape 3.5.1
1378 Open       Malfunction of header-function under Win98 & PWS 3
1509 Open       Seg Fault in mySqldatabase connection Mod_Perl1.19/PHP3.0.7/Apache1.3.6
1539 Open       SIGSEGV on php shutdown with uodbc
1578 Open       Arrays of arrays breaking the parser
1610 Open       Child process dies with SIG 11 when a GET is made
1775 Open       exception error crash
1925 Open       Child dies when using a include file which contains MySQL instructions
2022 Open       LDAP is eating up all the memory
2098 Open       crash when reading a large mailbox, but no imap functions involved
2161 Analyzed   wddx deserializes crashes httpd
2198 Open       imagettftext crashes
2243 Open       Segfault when a PHP file virtual()s another
2296 Open       Crashes when using VirtualHost with Apache 1.3.9
2398 Open       'END' command to PostgresSQL causing SEGV.
2420 Open       Segmentation fault in read_next_token at token_cache.c:177
2442 Open       Apache 1.3.9 segfaults (sig11) when PHP documents are called
2447 Open       php3_imagecreatefromgif doesn't check the return value of 
2498 Open       apache+ssl+fp, mod_php3-3.0.12+Oracle8i
2518 Open       Segmentation faults with Apache 1.3.9 & expat-lite
2539 Open       undefined symbol: charset_vbprintf
2553 Open       crach - illegal option
2577 Open       Dr watson error, odbc query with no open
2651 Open       if one is using imap4-v1 php crashes permanently
2710 Open       phpinfo() cores
2711 Open       fopen kills apache -- appears to be regcomp related on Alpha/Linux
2736 Open       PHP crash on read socket
2902 Analyzed   Segmentation fault with duplicate function name same as Bug #1642
2970 Open       segfault relaed to xml_set_unparsed_entitiy_decl_handler
3027 Open       error_log interpets % as printf formats and chrashes
3034 Open       SetCookie bug
3086 Open       PHP.EXE Crashes when reciving from a TCP connection
3127 Open       httpd process dumps core due to ldap_add
3138 Open       ldap_modify crashes apache
3180 Open       Seg. Fault when trying to fopen/fclose
3186 Open       oop crazyness
3297 Open loads fine, though httpd -t segfaults
3298 Open       apache 1.3.11 won't start w/php
3306 Open       PHP fails to parse .php3 web pages. No error messages in apache logs.
3331 Open       PHP crashes when using mysql_connect
3363 Open       Calling exit or die in shutdown function causes seg fault
3377 Open       Calls to imap_check() causes php to GP.
3384 Assigned   Problems with the XML module
3400 Open       PHP Crash on Test Script
3487 Open       get_browser() segfaults
3507 Open       Can not start apache after successful compile
3532 Open       Crash in NTDLL due to a parse error
3533 Open       Apache coredumps if loading php3 or php4 with oci8 module
3561 Open       IIS Server stops serving php pages.
3575 Open       Apache core dumps (same as 2187, 3168, 3292)
3637 Open       Apache 1.3.12
3672 Feedback   httpd crashes if MySQL-support is enabled
3693 Open       Over 232 virtuals, and php gives "Document contains no data"
3744 Open       repeated eval("large string") causes crash
3812 Open       urlencode not bin-safe
3833 Open       Constant segfaults
3835 Open       segfault in func_get_args with implode
3836 Open       When rawurlencoded, this character: ' causes problems
3952 Open       shm_attach crashes httpd-process, if shmat fails
3987 Open       PHP3 / PHP4 signal 11
3988 Open       phpinfo() dumps core
4008 Open       PHP crashes in module shutdown
4009 Open       getpwnam crashes if parsing a passwd entry with null gecos
4017 Open       get_browser() causes illegal instruction
4049 Open       Document Contains no data (different this time?)
4075 Open       Segmentation violation in init code.
4090 Open       ifx_pconnect() crashes when called without username/password
4174 Open       Bug when using ' as a value in a variable
4177 Open       Memory fault I think using out of tree cgi
4240 Open       --without-config-file-path crashes PhpInfo();
4271 Open       with apache compiled with PHP, SSL as DSO and PHP with postgresql 
support, enab
4328 Open       header("Content-Type:...") causes crash if charset is set in php3.ini
4337 Open       Informix ifx_get_blob() causes SIGSEGV in Apache 1.3.9
4343 Open       httpd core dumps on startup with SIGSEGV
4427 Open       Databases compiled in crashes apache
4494 Open       Large numbers of Apache log directives cause PHP to fail
4783 Open       segfault in page cleanup
5391 Open       user abort during call_user_function() causes crashes
7179 Open       Apache process with php3 modules dies with segmentation fault
7378 Open       Segmentation fault with multipart/form-data
7443 Feedback   Crash while using IMP
7456 Open       Crash when submitting form with method=post enctype=multipart/form-data
7506 Open       segmentation fault on
7543 Open       HTTP POST with enctype=multipart/form-data
7753 Open       Segmentation violation in functions/mime.c
7799 Open       Crash when parsing multipart POST in functions/mime.c:187 sbuf==NULL
7812 Open       Crash on file upload when running as apache module
7827 Open       PHP want to close an already closed file descriptor
8098 Open       log(0) gives crash apache
8239 Open       urlencode occasionally crashes php when encoding a binary data string
===============================================[Scripting Engine problem]=====
5692 Open       mail() crashes PHP
5797 Analyzed   $a=1.234 does not work, local language setting german
5827 Open       
7095 Open       Unwanted content-type header
7472 Open       problem with strip_tags() function
===============================================[Solid related]================
2648 Open       Conflict with mod_cgi when compiling with Solid -> Apache will not 
3327 Open       its-not-a-bug-but-a-feature: odbc_free_result does an implicit COMMIT 
3477 Open       Apache crashes right after startup when solid is compiled in php3
===============================================[Sybase (dblib) related]=======
1012 Open       Crash in SQLServer Image Column Conversion
1641 Open       SYBASE float returns integer value in php script
1715 Feedback   PHP module crashes
2166 Open       max_persitant and max_links options seems to be ignored
2264 Open       sybase_fetch_field->column_source
2496 Open       Sybase and IMAP
2508 Open       #table handling issue
2656 Feedback   sybase_connect() unsupported.
4413 Open       Sybase + imap
4509 Open       sybase_query return other value than valid resultset or FAILURE
===============================================[Sybase-ct (ctlib) related]====
4472 Open       sybase_fetch_field doesn't fill column source attribute
6032 Open       Only default charset available in sybase

Assigned bugs: (reminders sent)
kara            727: Unified ODBC error reporting
kara            1694: Sql statement contained "distinct" or "group by" not work for 
kara            2117: odbc_exec and odbc_execute err out
kara            2302: odbc_execute does not seem to call SQLBindParameter
kara            2642: OpenLink odbc_exec() segfaults
kara            2704: ODBC insert error
kara            2938: Intermittent Memo fields with Acces 97
jah             1078: pg_loclose never finds pgsql->lofd
rasmus          1687: HTTP Upload with IE3
[EMAIL PROTECTED]           3384: Problems with the XML module

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