ID: 1441
Updated by: jimw
Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Old-Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Bug Type: Sybase-ct (ctlib) related
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looks to me like 4.0 should handle this correctly.

Previous Comments:

[1999-12-13 16:12:20] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
While I can confirm that the behavior is still there, I am moving it to
a feature/change request. It'd be nice, though....


[1999-05-23 20:56:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Follow this procedure to reproduce the problem:

- Use sybase_pconnect() a few times to start up a few persistent connections.
- Start Sybase Central and kill off the PHP3 connections.
- Rerun the script that uses sybase_pconnect(). sybase_pconnect() will NOT fail, 
however any following sybase_query() will return 0, but no other error message. Looks 
like PHP3 tries to run the query on a persistent connection that has disappeared, but 
doesn't fail in sybase_pconnect() as it should. Ideally, it should check if a 
persistant connection is gone and not fail at all, but if it have to fail it should do 
it in the "right" function :-)


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