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refiled against 4.0. (this may be addressed by the basedir stuff, but i'm not sure.)

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[1999-07-19 08:09:13] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
It's occurs only if the php source has the same user Id of the copy from file. 

For security purposes I think that some directive like work_basedir 
can be added in future versions to prevent mistakes that open the 
server filesystem root or the user local dirs. 


[1999-07-14 12:54:08] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This problem was tested in two system´s

Linux 2.2.9 with php3.0.11  running as module of apache 1.3.6
Linux 2.2.10 with php3.0.7 running as module of apache 1.3.6

Php3.ini config

open_basedir= Some path in htdocs tree
DocRoot=Dir of Apache root html files. 

DocumentRoot=Apache Root of htdocs 

It is possible to create a .php3 page that can copy files outside de DocRoot Tree :  

<? copy("/etc/passwd","passwd.copy") ?>    =>  WORKS


<? fopen("/etc/passwd","R") ?>       =>  FAIL becaus the open_basedir assignment.

In Security section of Manual, says that Security in php3 instaled with modules is 
Security. In apache is impossible to httpd server with out a external script see files
above of DocumentRoot Directive 

I want to  know if its a config  problem of my PHP3 + Apache installations or if it´s 
a BUG. 

I also want to know if there are other functions with this problem/caracteristics. 

I Saw in lists some problems like this, but they are in Windows NT OS. The answers
to this problems are uncomplete and focus that NT is a insecure and with a lot
of problems OS. But I can reproduce a similar  problem in LINUX OS.

Congratulations and keep doing the good work.

Gomes, Marcio 


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