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> ID: 2183
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> Status: Open
> Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
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> i guess an mhash/mcrypt-like openssl extensions is being requested. refiled against 

I added public key stuff from OpenSSL like the comment below says. There
are other things we could add as well, but I'm not sure if it's worth
adding mhash/mcrypt-like things since we have it already.

Not sure whether we should remove the request or not, there are still
other useful things we could add.

> Previous Comments:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [1999-08-28 20:07:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Is anyone working on openssl integration with PHP.
> Openssl is ground solid, tested and well integrated with apache through modssl.org
> php/mod_ssl/apache is really a enterprise state ecommerce platform.
> Only it would be far better if the integration of those three great tools doesn't 
>take me a day to integrate when one of them has a new version.
> Additionally openssl has lots more funtions than mhash/mcrypt combination. In fact 
>the latter don't have Publik Key Crypto support
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Yes, I know I shouldn't, bad habit.


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