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Status: Open
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refiled against 4.0.

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[2000-01-22 17:29:32] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
There is no way to execute a command, feed it stuff on standard in, retrive the return 
code, standard out, and standard error.  exec() should probably have two additional 
arguments, an array for the output sent to standard error, and a string to be passed 
to to the child on standard in.

I could always pass arguments to commands, instead of having them read from standard 
in.  However, this is not a good idea from a security standpoint as argument values 
are visible to anybody on the system.

In my particular case, I've got a specialized, suid root, password change program I'd 
like to invoke from php.  This program takes a password on standard in.  If I don't 
give up and use perl, I'll probably use popen() and output redirection to guarenteed 
unique file names in /tmp to capture stdout and stderr, along with an echo of $? to 
get the return code.  In my case this will probably work.  In the general case writing 
to the file system could be a security problem. Certainlly it's a big hassle.


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