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refiled against 4.0.

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[2000-05-12 11:39:44] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Running php with binfmt_misc on linux is beautiful.  You set it so that .php3 files 
are run automagically by /usr/bin/php3.  This allows you to do things like 
./index.php3.  (No #! at the top of the file at all.)  You can run php under suexec 
transparently and without anyone modifying their code.  

The problem is that main.c does some environment variable checking.  If it sees 
"SERVER_NAME", etc, it assumes that it should be in cgi mode.  Putting a "cgi=0"; 
after the checks fixes that problem.  

It might be nice to offer that as a standard option to "configure".  It's a really 
neat way to use php.  It fixes a lot of security problems with cgi mode, lets you run 
with suexec, etc.  There is an option "--force-cgi-mode", would it be possible for 
someone to add a "--force-no-cgi-mode" or "--force-interpreter-mode" ?


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