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Updated by: hholzgra
Status: Analyzed
Bug Type: Dynamic loading
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works for linux but fails on solaris

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[2001-02-10 14:12:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
refiling against 4.0.


[2000-03-25 22:07:16] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Yes, dynamic loading does not work with versioning currently.

We probably would need to export a few other symbols from the php library.


[2000-03-09 08:45:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I've compiled php3.0.15 without any pb, config file :
        --enable-versioning    #versioning enabled

I've also compiled the mysql part into a module and well configured my 

BUT, when I try a mysql_connect(), the following error message appear :
Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function mysql_connect() in 
/home/sdomas/public_html/testdb.php3 on line 9

The standard capabilities are working but it seems that I can't load a separate 

Let's compile it again without versioning flag and then IT WORKS !
Nothing's really wrong but I can't use PHP3 and PHP4 together !


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