ID: 7472
Updated by: jimw
Old-Status: Open
Status: Analyzed
Old-Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
Assigned To: 

it is the unbalanced quotes that causes this. smaller example:

echo strip_tags("first <?echo \"\\\"\"?> second");

refiling against 4.0, although it would be nice if any fix were backported.

(or the behavior could be documented.)

Previous Comments:

[2000-10-25 23:09:32] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
oops, did not escape dollar signs. Doing so does not effect results.


[2000-10-25 23:06:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This bug causes strip_tags to stop stripping php tags, if your string contains the 
following in a <?php?> delimiter.

"title = "([^"]+)""

echo strip_tags("
                if (eregi("title = \"([^\"]+)", $x, $y))
                        echo "foobar";

will result in only aghh1 being reported when aghh2 should clearly be as well


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