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Operating system: *
PHP version:      4.0.3pl1
PHP Bug Type:     Feature/Change Request
Bug description:  URL and PHP Info/Options functions NEEDED

parse_url() is a great function, but a counterpart to it would be even better.

Can we have a create_url() or create_query_string() function which would take an array 
of items and build it using the local value of arg_separator ?  A lot of users do NOT 
use arg_separator because many programs are written with & as the separator (and there 
is little documentation about it).  Programmers should want to accomodate ALL users 
though and support those which use ";" or "|" as the separator when writing programs 
designed to display URLs to get from page to page of their application.

$base = "/search.php";
$qs = array ("action" => "search", "word" => "php");
echo create_url($base, $qs);

If the arg_separator is set to ";" the above script would output:  

Also, ini_get("arg_separator") and get_cfg_var("arg_separator") don't work if it was 
set in .htaccess.  Could we perchance also have get_master_cfg_value() and 
get_local_cfg_value()?  Those would help solve the problem above, though programmers 
would have to write their own create_url() function to build urls with the 
arg_separator value. 

All three of those should be supported by PHP natively IMHO.

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