You're right. I was thinking only that a compiled solution would be faster
and more efficient than any function I would write.  I do agree though, I
(kinda) do that now.

On 2/12/01 3:30 AM this was written:

> On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 09:23:36AM +0100, Marc Boeren wrote:
>>> I think this would be nice. To be able to pull a multi-dimentional array
>>> from a mysql result.
>> I'm working on a database abstraction module that does exactly this, and
>> should support every database module that is loaded into php. I've already
>> got it doing what you describe, only I return an object which includes
>> rowcount and fieldcount as well as the 2-d array results (index and/or
>> associative) (and I use [rownumber]["fieldname"] :-)
> Of course, this could also be done with a fairly simple PHP function
> as well, using the existing drivers.  The work to build an array or
> object of a complete result set is just a for loop, after all.


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