I also tend to think it's kind of strange. It's about 800KB of source code 
and as far as I understand this is an extension module which will be used 
by almost no one (and everyone will be forced to dl an extra 800KB (300KB 
Any of the Midgard people on this list? Is there any good reason besides it 
saving you guys a "cp -r ....; ./buildconf" to include it in the main PHP 


At 07:15 PM 2/12/2001 +0000, James Moore wrote:
>Thought this should really be brought up on Dev list rather than CVS list
>but personally I dont think that midgard has a place in the main
>distributions CVS.. maybe im wrong but if we begin to put all full
>applications in CVS just because they are useful we are going to bloat.
>Whats the difference between distributing this and distributing Phorum as
>well?? Perhaps we should move that into the CVS, then oh dont forget phpSHOP
>and every other project on the http://www.php.net/projects.php page. Perhaps
>someone can enlighten me??
> > > > http://www.midgard-project.org/topic/165.html
> > >
> > > Well, that's a nice project, but why does it need to be in the PHP CVS?
> >
> > Just too add to this.. I dont see what place midgard has in PHP
> > CVS, If I go
> > and create a totally separate project which isnt a PHP extension
> > really then
> > can I put it in CVS along with everyone else?? I dont think Midgard has a
> > place here maybe in a separate module or in PEAR (which would be ideal for
> > it) but why main CVS? It just doesnt fit.
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