ID: 6525
Updated by: thies
Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: PostgreSQL related
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believed to be fixed in CVS

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[2000-09-04 05:45:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I've a script running without problems under 4.0.0, using 4.0.x (x > 0) results in the 
same problem. The connection is established, but when passing it's descriptor as an 
argument, to any other pgsql function, it warns, that it's no pg connection 
identifier. The script could look like this:
$db = db_connect($db_server_name, $db_server_port, $db_name,                  
$db_user, $db_password);
if (!$db) {
// next line produces the warning
$res = db_query($db, "select * from table");

Called funcions are defined in as a simple wrapper 
to pg functions.

Ondrej Svetlik


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