I've been working on a project which requires me to write a zend extension
(http://capnbry.dyndns.org/phpub/), I've been using Visual Studio to do the work so 
far as this is
targeted for the Win32 platform.  I recently decided to move to Borland C++ Builder 
after I got fed
up with the VC++ IDE.  I had to tweak a couple of things in the header files to get it 
but the changes were minor (available upon request).  The problem I came into was on 
the link,
unresolved symbol errors on functions exported from php4ts.dll.  Digging in I realized 
that the
problem was because /some/ of the names of the functions I was importing (via 
etc) were getting mangled because they were not enclosed in the BEGIN_EXTERN_C() / 
macros.  Is this intentional, or is it just because no one has ever tried to use the 
headers from
inside a .cpp file?

Some of the functions of intrest are:

I've modified the header files to block the __declspec(dllimport) functions with BEGIN 
END_EXTERN_C.  If there is no reason to *not* have these in, may I submit a patch to 
allow the
headers to be included in C++Builder and other C++ build environments?

My C is rusty, so flame me if I'm wrong,

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