"Chris A. Henesy" wrote:
> I see a few possible solutions to the problem.  

> The first would be to
> store complete object session variables, i.e. store the actuall code contained
> in the object's methods as part of the serialized object.  

> The second would be
> to simplify the session_start function so that it returned the serialized
> session data instead of unsearializing it back into the environment which
> would allow it to be greped first for class names or something before being
> unserialized.  

> The last would be some additional function like
> session_class_names() which returns the class names of any serialized object in
> the current session.

4) provide a way to register a callback function (or a chain of those)
   to be called with the class name as argument whenever unserialize
   encounters a yet unknown classname 
   (which almost immediately will lead us to the necessiy namespaces?)

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