ID: 7673
Updated by: kalowsky
Status: Open
Bug Type: ODBC related
Assigned To: kalowsky

and finally the last of which I'll be looking at this time around.  the question to 
start off with, does this continue on PHP4.0.4pl1?

Previous Comments:

[2000-11-07 06:50:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
On my test machine (a Windows 98 box running the precompiled Win32 PHP 4.0.3pl1 binary 
as a CGI program on top of Apache 1.3.12), the following (admittedly bizarre) code 
will crash PHP:

$db = odbc_connect("db1","","");
$result = odbc_exec("SELECT * FROM table1");
while ($odbc_fetch_row($result)) {
  print odbc_result($result, $result);

It will crash it no matter what resource ID PHP has assigned to $result, and even if 
odbc_result's arguments 1 and 2 point to different result sets, even from different 


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