ID: 9260
Updated by: cynic
Old-Status: Closed
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Performance problem
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1) microtime() isn't exactly microtime() on win32. IIRC it was improved somewhat 
_after_ the release of 4.0.4 pl1, but it still goes only to miliseconds. 

2) there are already bug reports concerning microtime.


Previous Comments:

[2001-02-14 09:18:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is not a performance problem, but a bug in the microtime function. It was 
recently fixed in CVS. Please try a snapshot from If the problem 
persists, please reopen this bugreport.


[2001-02-14 09:13:42] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The following script only generates an array and walks through it with 2 different 
There are some strange effects while watching the durations of the loops.

1. Sometimes loop 1 is faster
1. Sometimes loop 2 is faster
1. Sometimes there is a negativ duration ... ?

PHP seems to behave in real bizarre way ... looks like it has a will of it's own ;-)

function test()
 for ($i=0;$i<30000;$i++)
 $a = microtime();
 for ($i=0;$i<count($GLOBALS['myVar']);$i++)
  $GLOBALS['myVar'][$i] = $GLOBALS['myVar'][$i] *2;
 $b = microtime();
 foreach($GLOBALS['myVar'] as $i => $d)
  $GLOBALS['myVar'][$i] = $d * 2;
 $c = microtime();
 echo('Results ... <br>');
 list($m,$s)=explode(' ',$a);$a = doubleval($s)+doubleval($m);
 list($m,$s)=explode(' ',$b);$b = doubleval($s)+doubleval($m);
 list($m,$s)=explode(' ',$c);$c = doubleval($s)+doubleval($m);

 echo("<b>$a | $b | $c</b><br><br>");

 echo("Loop 1: ".($b-$a)." seconds<br>");
 echo("Loop 2: ".($c-$b)." seconds<br>");


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