Andi Gutmans wrote:

> There is no good reason the BEGIN_EXTERN_C() haven't been included.
> We'd welcome a patch. Check out the other places we do put these to get an
> idea where they should be.

    I've already got all this done.  I'll send a patch for this first.

> In any case, one thing I've wanted to do for a long time is get PHP to
> compile with the freeware Borland C++ compiler. However, as it doesn't read
> .dsp it would have been lots of work.

    Yeah, you're telling me :)  There's a vctobpr utility included in BCB5 which will 
convert the
dsp file to a bpr file.  It does most of the work, but you can only select one 
(debug/release/release inline) from each project, so you have to convert each one 
manually, and
select one configuration.  There are also some changes needed to some headers, since 
BCB defines
things like uid_t, gid_t, and has some different syntax for conditional defines.  I'll 
put these
changes in a second patch, since they have a chance of affecting other builds.

> Any chance you can export makefiles from the Builder once things work for
> you and share them with us? If it works nicely you could be the maintainer :)
> It would allow people who don't have Visual C++ to compile PHP 4 on Windows.

    Yeah, once I get it going, no prob.  I'll also see if I can whip up a shell script 
converting the dsp & dsw files and building the makefiles from them.  This will 
probably take a
while (since it's a pain, and rather low priority), so don't hold your breath on it


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