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Are you sure it isn't the browser that caches the page? Try reloading the
page with pressing shift key down and click reload. That way it shouldn't
get cached. With which browser did you try with? Have you tried lynx? :)


Previous Comments:

[2001-02-07 13:14:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
When I use the include() command to include one PHP script inside another, the script 
that is being incuded gets cached by PHP for a long period of time. I have not 
experienced this in any previous version of PHP4, using exactly the same scripts. When 
I edit, or even delete the script thats being included, PHP still behaves as if the 
script is still there and hasn't been modified.

The final page which PHP outputs to the the browser is NOT being cached, I have 
verified this by making a change to the script that is using the include() command to 
include the 2nd script.  When I change that first script the change shows up in the 
browser, so it is clear that the page is not being cached. The only thing being cached 
is that second script which is include()ed from the first one.

The output of phpinfo() running on my server can be viewed at this url:


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