ID: 9257
Updated by: jah
Old-Status: Open
Status: Assigned
Bug Type: InterBase related
Assigned To: jah

Yes, this seems quite bad, and I got today another email
(privately) complaining about a same kind of thing
happening. I'm afraid it takes a few days before I can
really look what's happening, it can take some time (which
I don't have much...). Fortunately, the other bug reporter
gave quite a good hint where exactly in the source the bug seems to be.

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-14 08:14:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
$sele = "select data,hora,historico,valor from saldos ";
$sele .= "where data between '$dataini1' and '$datafin1'";
$q = ibase_prepare($i,$sele);
$result = ibase_execute($q);
while ($row = ibase_fetch_object($result))
  echo $row->VALOR;

saldos is a view and its defined as:
) AS
SELECT data,hora,caixa,valor,historico
  FROM entradas
SELECT data, hora, caixa, (valor*-1) "VALOR", historico
  FROM saidas

The field "valor" in the tables "entradas" and "saidas" is defined as numeric(11,2)...

The problem is that the code above returns for example "10.10" when the value of the 
field is "10.01"...

it's a really big problem, and i dont know what to do... :(


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