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Status: Closed
Bug Type: XML related
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fixed in 4.0.4pl1

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[2000-12-27 07:58:26] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I use PHP on Win98, installed with php-installer for CGI only. The server is Xitami.
The SAX parser for xml works fine with PHP 4.03p1, but a crash occurs with version 
4.0.4 on the first call to xml_parse(). Win98 complains with this message :
       PHP.EXE a provoqué l'erreur #c0000005 dans PHP4TS.DLL à l'adresse 0257 : 

I encounter a similar problem on Linux (redhat 7.0 and apache 1.3.12).  Programs using 
xml_parse() work fine when apache uses module compiled from PHP 4.0.2 , but 
crash with compiled from PHP 4.0.4  


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