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This is very normal in the world of floating point math. All numbers you write and 
have a fraction are only very good approximations of a number.

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[2001-02-15 14:29:53] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please, I believe I have found a serious bug.  I can reproduce it 100%.

Essentially I have a loop (I think this might be significant?) that checks through 
some rows in a database and if the value of a row (an amount of money) is less than 
the total ($total2pay) then the ID for that row is inserted into an array to be 
cancelled, and the total is reduced by the amount of that row.

The loop works fine, unless there are a number of items which add up exactly to the 
total.  Then, when subtracting the final item (so we get x - x) instead of 0 we get 
something like 2.7755575615629E-17.

Below is the problem script and underneath that is the output I get. The script has 
been expanded out to use more variables to make it clearer and prints some debugging 
stuff. It's not incredibly efficient on SQL requests, but that's irrelevant.
I will gladly give any more information or debug output on request if it's helpful.  
NB I do NOT have the Zend Optimiser running for this.

The database structure of table 'debts' is:
id int(10), owed_to varchar(20), owed_by varchar(20), amount decimal (10,2)

// Let there be initially 3 rows in the db which match the query below, // with amount 
= "0.71", "0.20" and "0.10" respectively
$res = db_query("SELECT * FROM debts WHERE owed_by='$who_is_paying' AND 
owed_to='$payee' ORDER BY amount DESC");
// Let $total2pay = 1.01
do {
  while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($res)) {
    if ($row[amount] <= $total2pay) { // cancel item
      $cancel[] = $row[id];                                     
      print "oldtotal:$total2pay,type ".gettype($total2pay)."<br>";
      $new = $row[amount];
      print "amount2delete:$new, type ".gettype($new)."<br>";
      $fish= $total2pay - $new;// deduct it from the total owed
      print "newtotal:$fish,type ".gettype($fish)."<br>";
      $total2pay = $fish;
  // delete the marked items from the database
  if ($cancel) {
    while ($item = each($cancel)) {
      db_query("DELETE FROM debts WHERE id='$item[value]'");

  // retrieve the fresh, updated item list from the databas
  $res = db_query("SELECT * FROM debts WHERE owed_by='$who_is_paying' AND 
owed_to='$payee' ORDER BY amount DESC");
  $rows = db_num_rows($res);
} while (($total2pay > 0) && ($rows > 0) && $cancel);

The output from this is:

oldtotal:1.01,type string
amount2delete:0.71, type string
newtotal:0.3,type double

oldtotal:0.3,type double
amount2delete:0.20, type string
newtotal:0.1,type double

oldtotal:0.1,type double
amount2delete:0.10, type string
newtotal:2.7755575615629E-17,type double

I have played a bit to try to fix it, and found that if I set $new explicitly to type 
double just before the problem line, the output is exactly the same, i.e. the output 

oldtotal:1.01,type double
amount2delete:0.71, type double
newtotal:0.3,type double

oldtotal:0.3,type double
amount2delete:0.2, type double
newtotal:0.1,type double

oldtotal:0.1,type double
amount2delete:0.1, type double
newtotal:2.7755575615629E-17,type double

Another thing: if there is only one row in the database and this adds up to the total, 
it works fine:

oldtotal:1.01,type string
amount2delete:1.01, type double
newtotal:0,type double

I really hope someone can help me get to the bottom of this!


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