the dll have a IDispatch off course,
i do this with JSCript

var WF=Server.CreateObject("ENGINE.PROCESS"),
then i use this
Response.Write(WF.Status); //property
WF.Cate.Filter("","","");// void

and this works fine.

does exists any function for inheritance of a object?
or how can i get the collection of voids and objects of an class using PHP?

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this is a custom object.
The problem i have is i programmed a web site in Jscript that uses this dll, then i'm trying to program this site in PHP and i don't know why i have this errors. Can you help me, maybe exists a function to retrieve all the object properties or methods??

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could you send me a code snippet how you have done this using JScript ? I think it's impossible to use the object without having an IDispatch interface of it.


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[2001-02-15 12:44:00] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
what kind of object is Cat ?

if it is another IDispatch interface all should work fine.

if it is a custom object php doesn't know the object structure, so how should it determine the address to call when you do your method calls.



[2001-02-15 10:29:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hello, i'm using a dll that have this structure

i'm doing this
$pro=new COM("ENGINE.Process");
 it works, and when i print the properties it is ok too, but when i do this

it gives me a error that says that the memory cant be "read" ????? i dont know why?!

i tried this too

and this
$cat=$pro->Cat // to catch the object returned but it falis too..

What can i do, many thanks


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