I need someone to check in some updates I've made to the java ext and
servlet sapi. They address some threading issues I was encountering. I
also added some performance tweaks. In my experience, you still need
--enable-debug to get the servlet stuff to work reliably, but I hear a
fix may appear soon (I'm hoping). (zts helps too, I think).

Here's what's in the attached tarball:

(new) ext/java/ClassInfo11.java
(new) ext/java/ClassInfo12.java
(mod) ext/java/Makefile.in
(mod) ext/java/reflect.java
(mod) sapi/servlet/Makefile.in
(new) sapi/servlet/ServiceResources11.java
(new) sapi/servlet/ServiceResources12.java
(mod) sapi/servlet/servlet.c
(mod) sapi/servlet/servlet.java

Alex Akilov suggested I get a developers account. Since I may doing
more changes, I may do that. But, thought I'd get this in first.




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