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Bug Type: Reproduceable crash
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The extentions you mentioned all rely on external libraries that need to be in your 
system's path in order to be found.

It strikes me odd, though, that you want to run the extensions to interface with 
Informix, MS SQL, OCI8, Oracle and Sybase at the same time for instance.

Previous Comments:

[2001-01-31 15:48:26] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Doing a stock Win32 binary installation, I get PHP to work.  However, a number of 
extensions all fail to load with the the same error: "PHP Warning: Unable to load 
dynamic library 'C:PHP4extensionsphp_<ext>.dll' - The specified module could not be 
found. in Unknown on line 0"...
<ext> = {curl, fdf, gettext, ifx, interbase, ldap, mssql65, oci8, openssl, oracle, 
sablot, sybase_ct, yaz}
All other extensions load successfully.  All of the failed extensions are located in 
the correct path to be loaded.


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