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Status: Closed
Bug Type: OCI8 related
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please set all oracle-related env-vars *before* you star 
apache and _not_ using putenv in you script. also make 
sure that NLS_LANG is setup correctly!

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[2000-08-30 08:13:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
the problem:

OCIFetchStatement() returns only column data, which actual length is the half or less 
then the total column length;
for example:  create table abc (str1 varchar2(10), str2 varchar2(10), str3 
                    with   abc.str1='12345', abc.str2='123456', abc.str3='1234'
                    then   column str1 appears as '12345', str2 appears as blank 
column and str3 as '1234'

the php example file:

<TITLE>Ausgabe der FIN-Suche</TITLE>
parent.Table.location.href = "Table.htm";

<BODY BGCOLOR="#ffb310" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#000000" ALINK="#FFFFFF" VLINK="#FF

$pass ="deich3";
$user ="th84kb";
$conn=OCILogon( $user, $pass, "test8") or die;

$sql="SELECT str1, str2, str3 FROM abc ORDER BY str1";
$stmt = OCIParse( $conn, $sql);
OCIExecute( $stmt);

echo "<BR><BR><TABLE BORDER='2' BORDERCOLOR='#110c79' WIDTH='100%' vspace='0'>";

$nrows = OCIFetchStatement($stmt,$results);
if ( $nrows > 0 )
   print "<TABLE BORDER="1">n";
   print "<TR>n";
while ( list( $key, $val ) = each( $results ) ) {
      print "<TH>$key</TH>n";
   print "</TR>n";

   for ( $i = 0; $i < $nrows; $i++ )
      print "<TR>n";
      while ( $column = each($results) ) {  
         $data = $column['value'];
         print $i;
         print $data[$i];
         print "<TD>$data[$i]</TD>n";
      print "</TR>n";
   print "</TABLE>n";
   echo "No data found<BR>n";
print "$nrows Records Selected<BR>n";

OCIFreeStatement( $stmt);
OCILogOff( $conn);


the php configuration line:
./configure  --with-oci8=/opt/oracle/product/8.0.5 --with-apache=../apache_1.3.12

(this statement includes automaticaly the mysql-module, why ? I don't need it)

I have no php.ini file!

system: hpux11, oracle8.0.5, apache_1.3.12

Thanks Beate Kruess


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