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forgot to close

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[2001-02-18 06:42:28] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
please upgrade to 4.0.4pl1 there was a bug in the apache 
module that could be the cause for TNS-12154  fixed a long 
time ago. 

from NEWS:
- Apache module would sometimes close a wrong 
file-descriptor. (Sascha)


[2001-01-30 04:49:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


[2001-01-29 11:27:27] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is basically a rehash of bugs #4307, #5569 & #8232.

Running PHP 4.0.1pl1 as an Apache 3.1.12 module, I often run into this problem during 
OCILogon() calls.

Regarding the solution to #4307 - ALL oracle-related env vars I can think of are set 
before Apache is started. The /etc/rc3.d script that starts apache sources a file 
setting the lot of them before starting the server.

The solution I saw in #5569 - make user "nobody" a member of group "dba" - is, 
frankly, unacceptable (and I haven't even tried it). I have a public portal to run, 
and can't afford the secrity hole.

Essentially, I am also reiterating bug report #8232, which I see has remained open for 
over a month now.

The problem appears intermittently in virtually all places that OCILogon() is used, so 
I see now point in osting yet another code example.

Any help will be appreciated.


Dan Abarbanel,
GoNext Ltd.


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