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[2001-02-10 12:35:51] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
doesn't look like anybody has written an openmarket transact extension. refiled 
against 4.0.


[1998-12-07 18:56:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Any chance of support for OpenMarket Transact in PHP. I can't code so I'm just 
fantasising. Maybe someone will pick it up someday.
A full SDK is available from OpenMarket (

Transact is amongst other things, a secure way of processing transactions. DOs 
(digital offers) and DCs (digital coupons) can be produced according so a certain 
encoding process that is then passed to the Transact server for processing.
This means you can provide products and services using these items independent of the 
ISP and they can be attached to any URl, anywhere.

It wouild be real nice to be able to produce a DO from a DB using PHP for passing to 


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