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Bug Type: Oracle related
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Not enough info, no feedback.


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[2001-01-02 10:53:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
1) Please provide more information on your setup, and what exactly isn't working, the 
steps you're taking to cause this error, etc etc.  

2) Does this still exist in the latest release of PHP?


[2000-08-22 10:08:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
We have set up the oracle for NT and 2000, and use VB, Delphi and VC get data from the 
database, but can not get data use PHP4&Apache, and there is nothing about Oracle 
inside the php ini files. Then we try to use ODBC, but also can not. At last we change 
to PHP3, this time we don't change anything, but it works!
We think that is the bug of PHP4 database interface. 
Please reply me if possible.


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