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Bug Type: Filesystem function related
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No feedback, considered fixed.


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[2001-01-06 01:35:34] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
does this problem still exist in PHP 4.0.4?


[2000-08-30 13:30:33] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I am using NT 4 sp 6a with PHP 4.01 pl2 on IIS 4.  When I use the opendir command (or 
the dir object) it works fine as long as I try to open drive c (c:/).  If I try to 
view the directory on any other drive, it fails.  The drive can be a second hard drive 
(d:/), a mapped drive, a cdrom, etc. Here is the code and error:

Warning: OpenDir: Invalid argument (errno 22) in
C:Inetpubwwwroottrinitywebtest.php on line 12

here is the offending code:
$dir = dir("f:/");
// have also tried $dir= dir(".");

I have verified that I have full permissions to f:/.  I can also read the f:/. file 
from that directory ok to verify in php that the drive exists.

Please let me know as soon as this is fixed.



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