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No feedback, considered fixed.


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[2001-01-07 04:06:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Does this happen with PHP 4.0.4 and newer libxml??



[2000-10-05 09:18:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
You propably have old glibc? Not 2.1 ? 

Check this:



[2000-08-01 10:41:53] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This problem occurs when compiling --with-DOM to build in the libxml support.

libxml 2.2.1 compiled with
zlib 1.1.3 and
libiconv 1.3

libxml can be compiled in a number of ways, and looking at the config.m4 file in 
ext/domxml I think it is assumed that only the libz library has been used.  If I 
specifically compile libxml without iconv support, then PHP compiles fine.  With 
libxml compiled with iconv support, configure fails because of the unresolved 
references in libxml to functions in libiconv.

I don't really understand the contents of the config.m4 file in ext/domxml, but I 
managed to fix this to get PHP to complile with libxml and iconv support by adding 
-liconv to the LIBS= in line 16, and adding a new line AC_ADD_LIBRARY(iconv) after 
line 20.  I know this isn't the right way to do it because the checks should be made 
for libiconv in the same way as they are for zlib.  However, after doing a buildconf 
this was enought to get PHP to compile and build as an Apache module, so I guess 
someone who knows what they're doing could sort it with this information :-)

Regards  -  Nick


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