> At 00:18 21/2/2001, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> > > Hrm, it *is* intentional.  But we may need to do something smarter here.
> > > One thing that I don't understand - one can't really call virtual() on
> > > another PHP file, can she?
> >
> >Why not?  virtual() just kicks off an Apache sub-request.  That
> >sub-rerquest can be any valid Apache request.
> Well, AFAIK, at least, it didn't use to be like that.  The reason was that
> PHP wasn't re-entrant within the same request.  As far as I know, it isn't
> today either, but I could be wrong.

Ah right.  I vaguely remember writing a check for this years ago.


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