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[2001-02-09 07:24:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
In all instances I am using a simple templete class that prints the html.

Instance 1
1 script which checks the username password, sets a session variable and displays a 
link. The link is coded in the html template with just the address being replaced 
dynamically. On successful login and rejection of the cookie the link is shown 
correctly with the session id attached.

Instance 2
2 scripts. On successful logon a session variable is registered and then a redirection 
(using header function). Again cookie is rejected but no session id is passed to the 
2nd script.

Instance 3
As instance 1 but html containing links is generated using php and added to the 
template. On successful login and rejection of the cookie the links appear but do not 
have the session id attached to their URLs.


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