I have a question related to the use of objects in DL extensions in
PHP4.  I found no mailing list specific to PHP module development, so I
hope this list is the right place to ask... if not then please point me
to the right list.

I have a DL module that was originally developed for PHP3 and has been
ported to PHP4.  It is a set of PHP wrapper classes on top of C
structures/functions (I reproduced what SWIG would do for Perl for

Everything works fine except that I am looking for a way to set a
message handler that would get called if one of the object's member
variables is changed by the PHP script.  Then my message handler would
propagate the change to the internal C structure that the PHP class is

I have seen in PHP4 that the idea of message handlers has been added in
a few places, for instance, it seems to be possible to set a message
handler for changes to some .ini parameters.  I also saw a
message_handler member in the zend_extension struct.

Is there any way to set an OnChange message handler on object member
variables?  Probably not... but then is there any plan to support such a

BTW, what's the difference betwen a "module" (i.e. zend_module struct)
and an "extension" (i.e. zend_extension struct)?  What are
zend_extension structs used for?

 Daniel Morissette                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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