ID: 9417
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Description: zend_eval_string() doesn't work like eval() :(


I commented out a few lines from zend_eval_string() and now
it behaves the right way.

Here are the line numbers I removed (corresponding to the
function zend_eval_string):
zend_execute_API.c: 492 to 498, 501.

Note that I'm not especially asking to modify this function,
but to add a new function that would behave like the real
eval() statement.

And it would be good if I this new function is available
before 4.0.5 is out, cause the midgard module relies on it.


Previous Comments:

[2001-02-22 21:13:41] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I need to simulate a call to eval() and the only function
that seems to be able to do it is zend_eval_string().
Although it evaluates the string when I put NULL as second
parameter (retval_ptr), it doesn't work (parse error) when I
want to simulate the new behavior of PHP4 eval() (ie. with a
return value)

Is it possible to change the existing zend_eval_string (I
think not cause pcre and assert use it this way already) ?

If not, is it possible to have a new function that would
behave like eval(), with the same parameters as
zend_eval_string (I want to be able to specify a name on the
string) ?



Full Bug description available at:

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