Hi all,

I'm running a linux box based on the SuSE distribution. Trying to use
the getmxrr function in recent snap builds of PHP4, i found out that
this function was not supported anymore.

Browsing through the code resulted in the observation that both
mentioned functions were only avialable if HAVE_BINDLIB was set by

Now, on SuSE, you don't have libbind, instead you have libresolv, which
provides the same functionality as libbind with respect to getmxrr. My
suspicion grew about a bug when i recognized that configure actually
searches for libresolv and puts a HAVE_LIBRESOLV 1 into php_config.h.
The problem is that HAVE_LIBRESOLV isn't referenced anywhere else in the
code, so it is a quite useless information now.

The solution is quite simple: Just add HAVE_LIBRESOLV to the ifdefs
looking for LIBBIND. Everything works fine then. Here are my diffs, i
don't know how to make a patch out of it, but someone surely will find

diff basic_functions.c
< #if HAVE_BINDLIB && !(defined(__BEOS__)||defined(PHP_WIN32)) ||
> #if HAVE_BINDLIB && !(defined(__BEOS__)||defined(PHP_WIN32))

diff dns.c
< #if HAVE_BINDLIB && !(defined(__BEOS__)||defined(PHP_WIN32)) ||
> #if HAVE_BINDLIB && !(defined(__BEOS__)||defined(PHP_WIN32))


P.S.: IMHO, such a bug really should'nt be spotted by an amateur C
programmer like me..;->..

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