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Works fine for me under same set up. Make sure you are restarting IIS every time you 
alter php.ini otherwise it wont pick up on the change(you need to do this from the 
command line with net stop iisadmin then net start w3svc). Please reopen report if 
this is not the problem.


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[2001-02-23 05:15:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
i've been trying to configure java to work under php using an isapi filter with iis 
5.0 . what i found is that i could get java to work when i used the cgi module but not 
the isapi, after some research i discovered that when you run php using the isapi it 
doesn't see the php.ini. using phpinfo() i saw that all the options i changed where 
set to default, and for example all the java local variables where set to null whereas 
they were properly when i used the cgi.
hope you get this fixed soon!!! 


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