ID: 5311
Updated by: jmoore
Status: Analyzed
Old-Bug Type: *Network Functions
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
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Both of these are #Defined out in the source code.. someone needs too look for a win32 
implmentation of these at some point (dns.c:170 #if HAVE_BINDLIB && 

Changing to Feature Change Request.

Previous Comments:

[2000-11-18 22:21:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


[2000-08-12 13:50:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
user comment:
Neither checkdnsrr nor getmxrr appear work under Windows NT
4/SP6a with IIS

I'm running with the downloaded Windows binary 4.0.1pl2 and
the provided
.ini file. OS is NT 4.0/sp6a, IIS 4.

Under Windows, checkdnsrr always returns "true" (no matter
whether the
provided domain name could even possibly be valid) and
getmxrr returns 0

(append ? to the URL when calling
this script)

echo("<p>getmxrr: [".count($mxhosts)."] ");
for ( $i = 0; $i < count ( $mxhosts ); $i++ ) {
    echo($mxhosts[$i]." ");


[2000-07-27 20:10:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
After correcting that typos in the script I found that it is still not working on W2k 
while Linux works fine...

checkdnsrr() seems not even trying to connect elsewhere...


[2000-07-01 16:36:45] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
OS : Windows 2000 Pro
Server : Apache 1.3.12 Win32
PHP4 : PHP 4.01 Win32
Script : ---------------------------------
echo "<P>$user @ $domain
if (checkdnsrr($domain,"MX")){
echo "<P>Valid Domain</P>"
echo "<P>UnValid Domain</P>"
Test is already Unvalid Domain, But split is OK.
I supposed that it's checkdnsrr not working.


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