At 09:44 PM 2/24/2001 +0100, Daniel Beulshausen wrote:
>At 21:16 24.02.2001 +0100, Sebastian Bergmann wrote:
>>Daniel Beulshausen wrote:
>> > it means nearly no changes, one or two. i'll have to look at it again
>> > before i can tell you which one.
>okay, here we go, one patch is already done (quite a while ago), it was 
>the add_property_unset thing in zend.
>the other tiny patch is for zend too, and is attachet.

I commited this patch.


>there are no further patches need in order to get it to compile here.
>(if you're not going to start a gtk port, becasue that one from 
> is alread great)
>so as far i can see, there are no patches for php-gtk needed.

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