ID: 9433
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: Apache related
Description: ErrorDocument 404 pointing to PHP file

If this were the case, then why does it react differently with PHP version 4.0.1pl2 
and 4.0.2?

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[2001-02-24 16:51:21] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Adding to this, lynx reports a 404 then continues to load the correct page.  I guess 
lynx reports a 404 if the file is not found then proceeds to the page specified for 
that error.


[2001-02-24 16:43:48] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
No, lynx reports a 404 error also.


[2001-02-23 22:34:31] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Apache 1.3.12

I wrote a script that redirects a person to a different page based on the REQUEST_URI 
and HTTP_HOST apache variables.  Ever since PHP 4.0.2, Internet Explorer started 
reporting 404 errors instead of going to the appropriate page.  What is even more 
mysterious is that it is the IE 404 error page, not the server wide page nor the 
default 404 error page for the site.  To top it all off, it works for Opera as well as 
Netscape.  I think this must be caused by the way PHP handles headers and the way IE 
interprets them, because I can put PHP version 4.0.1pl2 on and it will work great even 
with IE, then any versions afterwards cause an error.  An example page is at I have also added header("Status: 404 Not Found") as stated in 
other bug reports.  I would not blame this on PHP except for the fact that different 
versions respond differently with all other circumstances remaining the same.

--Justin Bachus


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