ID: 9267
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Closed
Old-Bug Type: MySQL related
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Description: vars are set to "" instead of NULL

i think this is not an acceptable behaviour. "" could be everything, an empty string, 
an integer field with the value null or even a field set to NULL.
as you obviously noticed we are talking from database interfaces in general, not only 
mysql (as you can see we where talking about mssql in detail).

at least i would make this a feature request.

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-24 12:14:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This seems due to PHP assuming MySQL's return values are strings, which point it is 
converted into an empty sting. Probably your best bet is to test for a "". I think 
this behaviour is documented somewhere.



[2001-02-22 13:30:58] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
$db = mssql_connect("localhost", "xxx", "yyy");
mssql_select_db("zzz", $db);

$result = mssql_query("select NULL as test", $db);

$blah = mssql_result($result, 0, "test");

$huh = NULL;

echo is_null($blah);            // false
var_dump($blah);                // bool(false)

echo is_null($huh);             // true
var_dump($huh);                 // NULL


[2001-02-22 05:26:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Could you provide a short example of a code that reproduces


[2001-02-14 17:06:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
don't know if this is only related to the mssql extension, but when i retrieve a NULL 
- field from the database the var will be set to "" or 0 or whatever in php.

is_null() returns false.



Full Bug description available at:

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