ID: 9449
Updated by: jmoore
Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Reproduceable crash
Assigned To: 

Fixed in CVS.

-- James

Previous Comments:

[2001-02-26 07:11:47] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This seems to happen when $break is over 2 chars, Ill look at it later.



[2001-02-25 20:55:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
May be related to bug id #9339.

If a word in $string reaches (really! - see below) or exceeds the $width length, $cut 
is unset *and* a break string like "<br>" is given, wordwrap() runs into a infinite 
loop... :-(


echo wordwrap("1234567890", 10, "<br>");

I'm running php4.0.5-dev-win32-20010220.exe from witch Apache on W2K AS.


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