I've recently developed a parser which understands PHP serialized objects
(both read and write), and therefore I had to understand how the objects
are serialized in PHP - 100%.

This is only meant as a comment. Feel free to shrug it off.

1. The way associative arrays are implemented bites. The counting up
   which occurs in the array to figure out what is associative and what 
   is not should be implemented fully that way instead of a mix.

2. Data comes in tuples of two: <myvar-decl><myvar-data>.
   Meaning: s:12:"creationTime";i:974886470;
   The two tuples are always seperated by a ";" UNLESS
   the datatype is an array. This makes tokenizing a bitch basically.
   Change: s:"5":"types";a:0:{}s:7:.....
       To: s:"5":"types";a:0:{};s:7:.....
   (Same thing with Objects inside objects I think, not checked)

Just my $0.02

Soeren Staun-Pedersen - [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
"The internet is full, beat it"
    - Me.

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