On 2001-02-27 20:07:09, Andi Gutmans  wrote:
> Do you have time to map where in PHP we are currently using socket code?
> I think according to how many places and how we are using it, it'll help us 
> decide how much redesigning we can do. Also keep Win32 in mind while 
> thinking of this.

As is the same with everyone these days, "I have no time (tm)".  But, seeing
as this needs doing properly if it is to be done at all, I will make time.

> I didn't have much time but I did read through your RFC quickly. On a whole 
> it looks quite interesting and I'd be quite happy to nuke the SOCK_FGETS() 
> and friends from fopen_wrappers.h and other places. Also try and keep in 
> mind regular files. Maybe we can get rid of the ugly code which is in quite 
> a few places in the source tree which does an if (issock)....

Yeah, I didn't like the issock stuff either, but the fundamental reason for it
being there makes it hard to avoid without having an abstraction on top of
the stdio FILE stuff.

If we were to nuke it completely and be able to use regular files and sockets
without special consideration, we would need to have our own set of stdio
compatible functions.  Do we want to go down that path?

I will look into it, and the hostconnect call that I somehow managed to miss
while looking at the fsockopen call...


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