Denis Gasparin wrote:
> Hi to all!
>         Is anyone able to compile PHP 4.0.4pl1 with Solid 3.5 libraries? I have
> tried but it gives very very very many errors when the php module is linked
> during apache compilation.

Yes, I am able to compile with 3.5, and 3.51 which requires build
libraries #122 (I believe) from SolidTech.

>         I know that a similar problem has been solved with PHP 4.0.3 and infact
> I'm able to compile Solid 3.5 with this version of PHP. But the 4.0.4pl1
> version seems to ignore (or hasn't) the 4.0.3 patch.
>         I report the errors from the compilation process at the end of the email.
>         I compile PHP with apache 1.3.17 (but also i have tried with 1.3.14) in a
> red hat 7 enviroment.

Are you using Solid 3.5 or are you using Solid 3.51 (which is the
downloadable demo version from the website).  If 3.51 please make sure
you have the latest libraries from SolidTech (yes, you have to ask for
them).  There has been a bug in their build/test process, which was
corrected on September 21, 2000, but they haven't officially told anyone
(you can find mention of it on the mailing list).

If this isn't the case, can you send me a copy of the configure output,
and hopefully we can work from there.

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