On 2001-03-01 05:14:18, Andi Gutmans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This sounds pretty good. I'll try and look at the code this weekend. Some 
> of the code is really ugly especially the legacy code.
> When you say there are places which need a FILE * do you mean they just 
> need to check the id and check that it's a FILE * or do they convert 
> descriptors to FILE * (can't remember if that's possible or not :).

A bit of both.  the fopen_wrapper_for_zend (or whatever it's called) use
fdopen in this way, but mostly the code can be changed to use the
file abstraction.

Using fdopen might be problematic when SSL is concerned, unless we use
fopencookie to provide a FILE *.
Some extensions might need to pass a FILE * to library functions, so
perhaps we should add a php_file_cast_to_FILE() function.

It might work something like this:

// and also a similar version for sockets
typedef struct _php_file_FILE {
    php_file ops;
    FILE * file;
} php_file_FILE;

FILE * php_file_cast_to_FILE(php_file * file)
    // if it can be expressed as a FILE, pass it back
    if (file->type & PHP_FILE_IS_FILE)
        return ((php_file_FILE*)file)->file;
    // if it is a socketd, use fdopen
    if (file->type & PHP_FILE_IS_SOCKET)
        return fdopen(((php_file_socket*)file)->socket);
    // Create a generic fopen cookie that uses our abstraction
    ... code omitted for brevity ...
    return NULL;

For systems without fopencookie, you will still only be able to use regular FILE or 
socketds in this way, but with fopencookie present, you can pretty much do anything 
you want.  Also, we can isolate the fopencookie code to just this one place and the 
rest of the codebase will be more portable.

A problem with the above it that in the case of fdopen we don't record that
we handed out a FILE *.  We can solve that by keeping the reference stashed somewhere 
in the php_file.  Another problem that might arise is if the code uses a mixture of 
stdio and php abstraction functions and the FILE has buffering turned on.
So, if we have created a FILE using fdopen or fopencookie, maybe we should switch the 
operations to use the stdio versions on that FILE?


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