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> Well, then defining "well known" may also become an issue. Well known
> by whom? C programmers? Perl Hackers? Java users? 


If we are importing their concepts or libraries, use the existing terms.

If I do a  man fopen  and get information on how to use fopen, PHP
should call it fopen, not file_open or whatever else we might come up
with. If I read the instructions for library foo and all the
documentation talks about function wordword, then I think the php
function should be


because that is what all the foo documentation is going to call it.
Everyone who is familiar with foo will expect the function to be called
wordword, not word_word.  WordWord is not an issue here, php will run it
either way.

> The users of a particular PHP module?

No.  We have control of the PHP side.  We don't have to worry about the
installed base of C programmers who expect fopen, or people who have
used the foo library that expect the function to be called wordword.

That said, be careful naming experimental and future libraries, and be
very slow forcing changes of existing functions.  Remember, this only
aplies to new stuff in PHP.  Importing a library should use the naming
convention of that library with a php defined prefix_ to identify the

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