I just reviewed the patch quickly. Are you sure that using MALLOC() for the 
SG(request_info) variables is OK?
Are these all variables which are supposed to be freed by the SAPI module? 
(I think they are but I don't have time to double check this). If the SAPI 
module is in charge then it's OK but if it's PHP (SAPI.c) then it probably 


At 01:26 PM 3/2/2001 +0100, Whitehead Anthony wrote:
>I just tried to commit the attached patch to the NSAPI module but it seems my
>CVS write
>access has expired ;)
>Here attached is the patch for NSAPI from Andrew Johnson, I've tested it on
>several UNIX
>platforms and adjusted it slightly to allow patching of the latest CVS 
>If someone wants to commit this for us, or re-enable my CVS account I'd be
>-Anthony Whitehead
>Central Data Services
>Swedish Social Security Ministry
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